3 Things Your Pool Service Technician Wants You to Know

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The care and maintenance of your pool is something you want to be done right. As you look for the right pool service technician to do the job, we have a few things we want you to know about choosing a pool service technician.

look for the right pool service technician

  1. Your pool service technician should be there to serve you. We recognize that our customers are placing trust in us to take care of their property. A technician should be there to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, not just stick to prescribed maintenance then leave. When we founded our company, we saw a need for better customer care in the pool industry. We’ve made it our goal to create a new and better reputation for pool service technicians as friendly and reliable professionals that you can trust.
  2. Not all pool service technicians are properly trained and certified. By choosing a technician without extensive training, you are putting your pool at risk of costly mistakes. At The Pool Doc, all of our technicians are highly trained and accredited through the National Swimming Pool Foundation.
  3. Your pool needs servicing even when it’s not in use. Though the majority of maintenance occurs during peak pool season, your pool still needs care in the off season. You should choose a pool service technician that can come to you year-round. Without proper winterization, cleaning, and maintenance, problems can go unnoticed and grow to become bigger issues. You’ll save yourself money and trouble by having your pool serviced throughout the year.

Here at The Pool Doc, we want to be the company you trust to keep your pool running smoothly and looking its best. Call us to learn more about our pool services.