Caring for Your Pool in Winter

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Here in North Carolina, you can choose to keep your pool running all through the winter months. It’s much prettier to look in your backyard and see your pool open and running rather than shut down and covered! With some off-season care of your pool, it will also be much easier to be ready for spring. Here are some tips to care for your pool:

Caring for Your Pool in Winter

  • Your pool needs to be running during freezing weather, or you will have freeze damage to your plumbing, heater, pumps and other equipment. Make sure your system has operating freeze protection. Or, if you have a simple system, you can just turn the pump on.
  • Set your system to run during the night instead of day, and reduce the number of hours it is set to run.
  • It’s a good idea to winterize waterfalls, slides, and other features.
  • Keep your water chemistry balanced. Your chemical use will be lower than it is during the swim season, but your pool still needs chlorine! Most salt systems will shut down when the water temperature gets below 54 degrees, so it’s a good idea to put chlorine tabs in a floating chlorine dispenser; you can put them in your skimmer if you don’t have a heater. And, it’s always important to keep your pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid at their proper levels. We always keep salt levels at the proper range during the winter even though the systems are off– just another way of making it easier to get started in the spring!
  • Make sure to keep skimming, brushing, and vacuuming your pool! Also keep your skimmers and pump baskets clean.

When your neighbors are struggling to get their pools uncovered and clean for the swim season, you will already be swimming!

Remember, at The Pool Doc, we maintain and repair pools all year round, so give us a call!