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Now that fall has officially arrived, it’s time to start thinking about pool maintenance and the other home maintenance tasks you need to complete to get ready for winter. At The Pool Doc, here are a few things we suggest adding to your fall to-do list to protect your home and your wallet:

  • Keep your pipes from freezing—Fully drain the water from your irrigation system and add insulation to any exposed pipes to keep them from freezing when colder temperatures arrive.

it’s time to start thinking about pool maintenance

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts—Heavy rainfall during the winter can cause damage to your home and landscaping. Your gutters will likely become clogged with leaves and other debris during the fall, so it’s best to make cleaning them out a priority.
  • Seal your windows and doors—Old glazing putty, dirt, and aging weather stripping could let drafts of cold air into your home. When the cold air comes in, you’re paying more to heat your home. Fix this problem from the offset by sealing all your home’s windows and doors before winter arrives.
  • Inspect your roof—Perform a visual inspection from the ground of your roof. Look for any cracking or curling shingles or bare spots where shingles have gone missing. Call a roofer if you think there’s a major problem.
  • Clean your chimney—Have a professional come in and inspect and clean your chimney before it starts getting used regularly during the winter.
  • Winterize your pool—Although you probably won’t use your pool this winter, have us at The Pool Doc come and get it ready for cooler temperatures. Our pool maintenance professionals will lower the water levels, balance the pH, clean the pool and filter, and more. We can also come back in the spring to open it again!

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