Instances that Call for Emergency Pool Cleaning Services

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When you have normal circumstances and regular pool maintenance, you don’t have to worry much about your pool. However, even cared-for pools can run into issues that are beyond your control! Emergency pool cleaning is a service that is available to pool owners who need desperate help getting their pool restored to a normal balance. Just like you wouldn’t want to visit the ER for something that can wait to see your regular doctor, you don’t want to call for emergency pool cleaning if you don’t actually have an emergency. Here are a few instances that most pool cleaning companies would qualify as an emergency:

pool cleaning and maintenance

  • Broken pump/filters- When the inner workings of your pool are in need of repair or have stopped working altogether, your water can get cloudy or murky very fast.
  • Pool has turned green– While it isn’t always easy to tell that there may be a problem with your pool, no one misses the issue of their pool water turning green! When your pool turns green, there could be an issue with the filters, the pump or the chemical composition. Either way, expert help will be necessary to restore your pool to beautiful blue.
  • Storm damage– After a large storm, debris that usually isn’t harmful like leaves, twigs, and dust can do a number on your pool, clogging drains, filters, and throwing off the chemistry of your pool. Cleaning out the gunk and balancing your pool chemicals will need to be done ASAP to prevent further damages.

Here at The Pool Doc, we would love to help you with your emergency pool cleaning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about instances that call for emergency services.