Pool Chemicals and Why We Need Them

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Keeping your pool clean is a never-ending job. Even if you were to clean it every day, leaves, debris, and bugs would still make their way in and swimmers leave behind body oil, shampoo, hair, and dead skin. Keeping your pool safe from these contaminants is one of the purposes for using proper pool chemicals.

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  • Sanitizer- There are many different types of sanitizers that can be used to keep your pool clean. The most common of these is chlorine. It works by entering molecules and destroying them from the inside out, freeing your pool from harmful bacteria, viruses and algae.
  • pH – The pH of your pool, or the acidity level, is impacted by everything that enters it. You want to keep a supply of pH increaser and pH decreaser to make sure you can adjust levels when needed. The ideal pH level of pool water is between a 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Alkalinity – You need alkalinity to keep your pH level from shifting dramatically.
  • Calcium Hardness – This is a measurement of your water’s hardness or softness, which can vary based on where you live and the water source used to fill your pool. This chemical is used to prevent your water from corroding your pool and its parts, while still keeping the water clear.

You can find the basic pool chemicals at a local big box store, but these chemicals do not perform as well as they should in order to keep your pool in good condition. To get the best pool chemicals at the best price, come to us at The Pool Doc. We use pool chemicals that are produced locally and have been proven effective. We even offer free delivery in certain areas. Call us today to learn more.