Pool Chemicals: What to Use & When! [infographic]

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Owning a pool means that you will be able to make a splash right in your own backyard! Whether you have a large pool or a small one, you need to keep it clean and safe for swimming. You likely know that you need pool chemicals to keep your pool safe, but if you aren’t sure what kinds of chemicals or when to use them, we at The Pool Doc can help. Below are some of the basic chemicals used in pools everywhere along with instances of when you should use said chemicals:

  • Sanitizers- There are many different types of pool sanitizers, chlorine being the most commonly recognized one. Pool sanitizers are there to keep your pool safe for swimming by killing bacteria, viruses, and algae. Use these on a regular basis to keep your water safe!
  • Balancers- Along with chemical composure, you want to keep your water pH balanced as well. Balancers ensure that your water is neither overly basic nor acidic. Use these to avoid red and itchy eyes or check the balance if you notice your water is starting to stain the pool liner.

Pool Chemicals: What to Use & When! [infographic]

  • Algaecides- Algae can grow rampantly and quickly in a short amount of time, turning your pool green. Use algaecides as a preventative treatment for the best results and call an expert if you see algae of any color besides green as those can be highly dangerous and tough to remove.
  • Oxidizers- If you dislike chlorine, oxidizers can be an effective method of cleaning your pool and ridding the water of dangerous compounds. This can also be used in addition to other chemicals for a one-two punch!
  • “Shock” Chemicals- A compilation of shock chemicals is essentially a super dose of chemicals. You’ll want to “shock” your pool after long periods of inactivity as well as after a period of particularly heavy use.

We hope that these tips have been helpful in your pool chemical education. For help with your pool chemicals, we are happy to lend a hand.