Pool Closing: Should You Winterize?

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When you live in a northern climate, there is not much debate about whether winterizing your pool is needed or not. Pool closing is something you have little choice about if you want to avoid damage to your pool and equipment or high operating costs. The mild winters in North Carolina, however, leave you with a decision to make and then take the steps needed related to your decision. Here are the advantages and drawbacks involved with each option:

you’ll need to go through the steps for pool closing,

  • Pool Closing – The benefits of closing your pool involve the peace of mind that you won’t have freeze damage and you won’t be paying for operation costs once your pool is winterized and shut down for the season. The drawback is you’ll need to go through the steps for pool closing, including fully balancing the chemicals, adding a winterizing kit, replacing hoses with plugs, draining the pool equipment, and covering the pool. Of course, you can eliminate this chore by calling a professional pool company that handles pool closing.
  • Keep Pool Open – You can eliminate the pool closing effort and costs by keeping your pool open. Other benefits include keeping the aesthetics of an operating pool, being able to swim whenever the weather permits, and being confident there isn’t something green growing under the cover that you’ll have to face in the spring. The drawback is you’ll need to keep the pump running during freezing weather. This can automatically be done by having freeze sensors on your controller. It’s also best to winterize any waterfalls or other features.

If you have additional questions about whether or not to winterize your pool, give us a call at The Pool Doc. We offer pool closing services should you decide to go that route now or later in the year. We have been committed to excellence in pool care for over 15 years in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, so you can be confident you’ll get the best service possible for your pool.