Pool Repair Services: 3 Common Repairs and How to Identify Them

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Here at The Pool Doc, we are committed to helping you have “happy, healthy pools” and part of that is understanding what certain symptoms might mean. Read on to learn about three of the pool repair services we find most common and how to identify them yourself.

pool repair services we find most common

Pool Pump

  • What it does: Similar to your heart pumping blood in and out of your veins, your pool’s pump is in charge of keeping the water circulating. It pulls water from the main drain and pushes it back out through the filter before returning it to the pool.
  • Symptoms that signal a problem: If your water is looking cloudy or murky, it could be due to poor circulation. Another signal is a higher than average electricity bill, which might be caused by the pump running continuously.

Pool Heater

  • What it does:  Your pool’s heater keeps your water at an optimal temperature so you can enjoy your pool even on chillier days.
  • Symptoms that signal a problem: The most obvious symptom is irregular temperature of your water, but another symptom that you want to watch out for is corrosion and rust on the pool heater. This is a fire hazard and you should seek pool repair services right away.

Pool Filter

  • What it does:  Your pool’s filter is responsible for keeping your water free from debris that can harm it.
  • Symptoms that signal a problem: Watch out for unusual amounts of material in your pool that should be filtered. Also check that the pressure gauge is consistently above 30psi and that the pump isn’t running short cycles.

When you notice any of these symptoms, you need pool repair services. Give us a call at The Pool Doc –we’ll get your pool back to being a “happy, healthy pool.”