Tips for a Memorable Pool Party

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Summer is so very close, and with it comes all the fun that you’ve been waiting for since you opened your pool. Don’t limit yourself to just swimming laps, frolicking with the kids, and floating on a lounger – throw a pool party to welcome summer! It’s time for the first outdoor gathering of the year, and that means it’s also time to make the pool the star of the show. Here are a few tips for an unforgettable pool party.

Call for pool cleaning and arrange for it to be done before the party.

  1. Ready the Pool– The last thing you want is for the first guest to arrive while you are still tackling pool cleaning – or worse, your pool isn’t looking so good! Call for pool cleaning and arrange for it to be done before the party. You’ll want it done a day or so beforehand to balance the water so that if any chemicals are needed that require a few hours of circulation, you won’t be making your guests wait. A second visit on the morning of your pool party to double-check all is well is never a bad idea either – both concerning the water balance and the equipment.
  2. Consider a Theme– Start with a great theme and everything else will fall into place, including décor, tableware, the menu, and activities. It can be as simple as welcoming summer to more elaborate such as a Mexican fiesta or Hawaiian luau.
  3. Plan the Menu– Food and drinks are the next thing to plan. Keep it fun because this isn’t a formal dinner party. Finger foods, grilling, and snack foods are going to win your guests over.
  4. Plan for Clean Up– Whether you use disposable plates and cups or make arrangements for a cleanup team, be nice to yourself so you can enjoy the party without needing hours after your guests have left to restore your home. Don’t forget to arrange for pool cleaning afterward, too, as having extra bodies in the pool is most likely going to throw the water balance off again.

Tips for a Memorable Pool Party

Here at The Pool Doc, we are happy to help you make your pool party a hit. Call us to schedule the pool cleaning you need before and after the party so you can be confident the pool is safe for your guests and for your family afterward. We bring more than 15 years of experience to the table, so you can be confident your pool is in top condition throughout the year.