When Should I Open My Pool?

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At The Pool Doc, we are very often asked the question, “How long can I wait to open my pool?” This question comes from a pool owner with the idea that it’s best to wait as long as possible. Why? Well, expense, of course! None of us want to have unnecessary expenses, and tackling pool opening too early means the equipment will be running, chemicals will need to be added, and maintenance must be performed– all for no reason because it’s too cold to swim!

When Should I Open My Pool?

However, we always advise owners that it’s better to open too early than too late. The general rule of thumb is that when daytime temps reach the 70s, it’s time to open the pool. But we recommend pool opening when temps hit the 60s. Here are some reasons why:

  • Today’s equipment—pumps, salt chlorine generators, filters, heaters—is more energy efficient than ever before. The expense to operate a pool is lower than ever, and it’s much cheaper than…
  • The expense of cleaning up a green pool. If you have ever had a pool full of algae, then you know how much time, chemicals, and hard work it takes to clean up. There is no magic pill for a green pool. Most pool owners don’t have the time or expertise to clean up the mess, and if you just get a bunch of chemicals from the pool store, you’ll be throwing money away. So, you’ll have to hire a pool guy, and time = labor = $!
  • Warmer temperatures promote algae growth. If you have a mesh safety cover, sunlight gets in, speeding up the growth process. And pollen will enter your pool once trees and flowers start blooming.
  • It’s much prettier to see an open and running pool than it is to look at that pool cover!
  • You will be ready for swimming as soon as it gets warm enough, making the kids happy.

In the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas of North Carolina, the winters are milder and spring comes earlier than in many other areas of the country. Start monitoring the weather in early March, and be prepared for pool opening as soon as warm weather arrives. Make sure to call us at The Pool Doc and get on our schedule– the slots fill up quickly!