Residential Pool Services, Lake Norman, NC

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Residential Pool Services, Lake Norman, NC

We are here to help you learn the ropes of residential pool ownership with our residential pool services.

If you have always dreamed of owning your very own pool, you might be in for a shock when you discover the amount of knowledge and maintenance that comes along with pool ownership. With everything from pool cleanings to making sure the water has the right balance of chemicals to keep it clean, there is a steep learning curve when you buy a home with a pool. Here at The Pool Doc, we want to help you with your residential pool services, whether you are new to owning a pool or are a seasoned expert. We offer many residential pool services for our clients around the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, such as:

Residential Pool Services in Lake Norman, North Carolina

  • Pool inspections
  • Pool water testing
  • Pool chemical delivery
  • Opening and closing of your pool
  • Pool services
  • Repairs
  • Custom pool covers
  • And more!

We care about our customers just as much as we care about pools here at The Pool Doc. In fact, one of the reasons we believe we have seen such wonderful growth in our business is due to our superior customer service over some of the other pool care companies in the area. We genuinely enjoy what we do, and we believe that treating the customer well no matter which residential pool services they choose will be beneficial to everyone involved.

With over 15 years of experience working in the pool industry, you can count on our team here at The Pool Doc to treat you right when it comes to any of your residential pool services. We can help you with as many or as few residential pool services as you like; it’s up to you! For answers to your questions about our services, please give us a call today.

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