Pool Safety Covers, Lake Norman, NC

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Pool Safety Covers, Lake Norman, NC

Keep your kids and pets safe with the right pool safety cover.

If you have a backyard pool and small children, one of your biggest worries is undoubtedly a child who sneaks off and falls into the pool. Thankfully, there are many safety products out there now that can prevent children from getting into the pool when they shouldn’t. Things like gates, door monitors and safety fences are all helpful. However, there are other protections that you can put in place that can keep children or pets safe, too, such as pool safety covers from our experts here at The Pool Doc.

Pool Safety Covers in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Pool safety covers differ from traditional pool covers in that they are often custom made, strongly secured, and virtually impenetrable. While traditional pool covers serve the purpose of keeping the temperature of your pool stable and also keeping out leaves or debris, they leave gaps or openings that children or pets can crawl under in order to access to the pool. And once underneath, they often cannot get back out! Pool safety covers, on the other hand, are incredibly strong and do much more than cover the pool. A pool safety cover is carefully measured and installed to ensure nothing can get in the water once the pool safety cover is in place.

A pool safety cover is only as good as the product and the installer, so make sure you choose a quality pool safety cover from our team at The Pool Doc. We know how to securely install pool safety covers for maximum coverage. If you have a pool in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, keep it safe for your pets and family with a pool safety cover from The Pool Doc– you won’t regret it!