Algaecides, Lake Norman, NC

Algaecides, Lake Norman, NC

Algaecides can be helpful and effective when used correctly.

When you think of pool chemicals, the most common one that people think of is chlorine. Chlorine works to kill bacteria in the water so that your swimming pool won’t cause illnesses or skin problems. Another and equally important, but lesser known chemical group are algaecides. Unlike chlorine, algaecides work on the small, but usually harmless algae-growing bacteria. There are many different types of algaecides, each one important for different types of algae. If you are new to algaecides, here are a few tips for their use in your own pool:

Algaecides in Lake Norman, North Carolina

  • Don’t use pool shock and algaecides at the same time. The pool shock counteracts the effects of the algaecides, making both ineffective.
  • Algae is able to grow everywhere in your pool, including in the pipes, filters, sides and walls of your pool, and also in blooms on the surface of the water. Ensuring that the growths don’t come back requires careful and thorough application of the right algaecides.
  • Keep your pool clean and free of things like leaves and grass clippings, which are great absorbers of algaecide chemicals.
  • Follow the instructions and, if you still aren’t 100% sure what to do, consult with pool experts. The chemical composition of your water is crucial for safety and there is nothing wrong with getting expert advice until you’re confident in handling water testing and chemicals on your own.
  • Don’t use too much. If some algaecides are good, then a lot of algaecide must be better, right? Wrong! Only use the recommended amounts.

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