Aquabrite Pool Chemicals, Lake Norman, NC

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Aquabrite Pool Chemicals, Lake Norman, NC

Let us show you the difference that Aquabrite pool chemicals can make for your pool.

Some companies offer a great deal on pool cleaning and you might wonder how they can stay in business with prices so low. Here at The Pool Doc, we know the answer – they use the lowest quality pool chemicals they can find, often the same ineffective products you can find at your local big box retailer. They also do the bare minimum to keep your pool from turning green, but that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Aquabrite Pool Chemicals in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Whether we sell you pool chemicals, leaving you to put them into your pool or we service your pool for you, they are the same premium quality Aquabrite pool chemicals. We can also deliver them to your home, and there is no charge for areas of Lake Norman, North Carolina.

These chemicals are locally created to be extremely effective and safe. You might expect to pay more than you would at other specialty pool companies to get such a great product, but we keep our prices competitive while providing unrivaled customer service.

Our owner has been committed to excellence in pool care for over 15 years and will be happy to answer your questions about Aquabrite pool chemicals and help you determine which ones your pool needs. Call today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our products and services.