Oxidizers, Lake Norman, NC

Oxidizers, Lake Norman, NC

Keep your pool clean and smelling fresh with the help of oxidizers.

Here at The Pool Doc, we have all types of chemicals that you need to keep your pool looking great and safe for swimming! With so many quality chemicals, you’ll be able to find choices that you can trust and rely on for the life of your pool. We even take our customer service regarding our chemicals one step further by offering chemical delivery.

Oxidizers in Lake Norman, North Carolina

One of the products that we offer that many of our Lake Norman, North Carolina clients love are called oxidizers, which help to shock a pool, destroy organic matter, and help your chlorine do its job. Oxidizers are very helpful for many reasons, and we want to help you select the best types of oxidizers here at The Pool Doc.

When you come to The Pool Doc, you will find that not only do we source quality oxidizers and other pool chemicals, but we have the experience to recommend and educate you about them as well. Our employees are all experienced and well-versed in water testing, chemical usage, and how to troubleshoot common pool issues. Some of the reasons that we feel comfortable recommending oxidizers is that they work quickly (minutes instead of hours), they destroy organic pool chemicals that can cause foul odors, and they can be alternated or used instead of shock treatments for your pool.

We want to help you with all your pool chemical needs here at The Pool Doc, including your need for oxidizers. If you have questions or concerns, please come in and see us. We would be happy to help!