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Enjoy a safe, healthy swimming environment with regular pool cleaning options.

When you are excited to go for a swim, you don’t want to walk out to your pool only to find that debris has clogged your filter and the water is an unsightly shade of green! Pool cleaning is essential maintenance for all pools, commercial or residential, and we here at The Pool Doc want to help you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. Our pool cleaning services can ensure that every time you are excited to go for a swim, you can be greeted with a fresh, clean pool.

Pool Cleaning in Davidson, North Carolina

Our pool cleaning is done with careful precision, no matter the size or type of your pool. With over 15 years of experience with pool cleaning in the area, we have worked on all different types and sizes of pools. This enables us to anticipate what your pool will need and take care of it accordingly. We always make sure that your pool is clean and that the water and chemicals are perfectly balanced, and we’ll even take the time to check on the inner workings and mechanics of your pool to avoid any surprise problems in the future.

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“Having no knowledge about pools, we hired another pool company when we bought our house. The pool was always gray and cloudy. They told us we needed a new pump and filter, which we purchased. Never did they get our pool looking good. We spent the whole summer with gray or green water. I then decided to get rid of that company and handle it myself, but I got extremely busy with work and gave the pool no attention whatsoever. Our pool was in such bad shape I thought we were just going to have to fill it in with concrete. When I called The Pool Doc, we basically had a black lagoon in our backyard instead of a pool. Rick came out the next day, did whatever he does, and within 72 hours, we had a pool again. It has been crystal clear, picture perfect ever since! Not once in my life have I been more satisfied with the services I’ve received from any company. You would be crazy to go with anyone other than The Pool Doc!”

★★★★★ Kyle M.

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In the Davidson, North Carolina area, there are many pools and many companies out there to help with pool cleaning, but there is only one company like The Pool Doc! If you have a tight schedule that you want to fill with pool enjoyment rather than pool cleaning, give us a call today. We would love to help you with your pool cleaning needs.

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