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We don’t just take care of the pool – we take care of the pool owner.
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"Having no knowledge about pools, we hired another pool company when we bought our house. The pool was always gray and cloudy. They told us we needed a new pump and filter, which we purchased. Never did they get our pool looking good. We spent the whole summer with gray or green water. I then decided to get rid of that company and handle it myself, but I got extremely busy with work and gave the pool no attention whatsoever. Our pool was in such bad shape, I thought we were just going to have to fill it in with concrete. When I called The Pool Doc, we basically had a black lagoon in our backyard instead of a pool. Rick came out the next day, did whatever he does, and within 72 hours, we had a pool again. It has been crystal clear, picture perfect ever since! Not once in my life have I been more satisfied with the services I’ve received from any company. You would be crazy to go with anyone other than The Pool Doc!”

–Kyle M.

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We don't just take care of the pool. We take care of the pool owner. 


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